$335 - $410 per night

The E.B. White Room

The smallest of our Camden Inn’s accommodations and tucked in the middle of the second floor of the main house, the E.B. White Room pampers you with soft comforts and a stunning head-on view of Penobscot Bay. The private deck is a spacious grandstand for watching the sunrise. And at night, the deck becomes the most romantic of venues –

when the moon is full, it lays a shining path straight to your seat on the deck. If you seek whimsy, indulge in re-reading E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web or Stuart Little, which reside in the bookcase by your bed. If you seek a sharper humor with intellectual edge, reach instead for the book of White’s famed essays for the New Yorker or his writings on 20th century life in Maine. Decorated in simple spring green and white with coral accents.

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